Machine-made carpet

ALPHA 500 Series in combination with the new Multi Weft Selector offers endless possibilities and new options for designers and carpet weavers. The Multi Weft Selector features a modular design, which means the mill can equip a weaving machine with any required number of modules: 2+2, 2+4, 3+3, and so on, up to a maximum of 6+6 weft selectors, allowing 6+6 fillings. This variability of the fillings is the key technology to create astonishing carpet effects, either trendy or traditional, depending on your needs. Traditional Carpet Effect Carpets woven with 1020 reed/m, eight colours, and combined with this effect appear to be hand-knotted (on the front and on the backside of the carpet).The difference to man-made products is noticeable only to experts. 4m weaving width is possible.

امتیاز دهی

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